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SoCal Beach Nights 

All Good Things Will Come Again Next Year…

Now that fall has officially arrived, our clocks have turned back, and pumpkin-everything is pretty much everywhere you look, comes shorter days and darker nights. And tis’ the season unfortunately that our routinely mid-week beach nights come to a halt.

I love the seasonal change into fall, in fact it’s one of my favorites, however I’ll miss the wonderful, warm evenings spent seaside with my loves.

We load up the beach mobile and take a scenic drive to the coast. Maizie instantly knows where we’re headed and takes a seat in her preferred chair, no floor spot for this spoiled lady.

We make it a part of our weekly routine to spend at least one (mid-week) evening at the beach in addition to our weekend beach adventures. That may not seem like a whole lot, but given our schedules, we don’t get much time off together, especially during the week. So these nights are much needed and very special.

The pups absolutely love chasing the ball, people watching, and getting all sandy as they roll around and dig in the sand. Thank goodness for the hose in the backyard 🙂

By the way, that’s Bear, our 14 year old boy. He’ll melt your heart with that contagious smile of his. Maizie is our crazy one! She’s 6, full of energy and can play ball until the cows come home…but how can you say “no more” to that face? Am I right?!

While Greg hits the surf until the vibrant sun melts gracefully into the ocean, I cozy up in my chair sipping wine as I drink in all of the happiness that surrounds me.

Meanwhile the pups are snuggled up by my sandy toes while I read my book, scroll through Pinterest, and brainstorm new ideas for my jewelry business.

After a few well-spent hours at the beach, the ride home is always a little more tranquil…haha and the pups are pooped! Mission accomplished.

Sadly, I will miss these peaceful evenings but it gives me something to look forward to with the seasonal changes ahead. Thankfully we can still fit in our much needed vitamin sea on the weekends 🙂

Beach (n.) A place of relaxation, rest, and tranquility. 

-Melissa & The Fam


Classic Silver 3-Ring Necklace

Tres Designs’ popular 3-ring design is now available with a beautiful, stone bead detail. This particular one is a greenish-turquoise bead. We will be designing with several other colors and will soon be available in our etsy shop.

The 3-ring necklace was one of our very first designs and still has been one of the most popular by far. We jazzed it up by adding a dainty bead drop to really make the design pop!

This necklace is handmade and designed by Tres Designs Jewelry and can be found here: http://etsy.me/1XzXnRG


Tres Designs Jewelry – hammered copper wire bracelet 

Make a statement with this handmade, copper wire bracelet with hammered copper pendant. Now available in the tres designs etsy shop for only $28! Feel good about shopping while supporting a local San Diego business like Tres Designs Jewelry, visit the etsy shop here.  Shop local, shop small, shop Tres. 

Tres Designs Jewelry

Have you checked out my etsy shop yet? Tres Designs Jewelry is a small, local San Diego-based company that sells handmade, trendy and affordable jewelry. Tres Designs is owned and operated by myself and my mother, Suzie.

Pictured below, is the ever-so-popular black pearl bar necklace in the rose gold finish. To purchase, view here. Interested in other items? View the Tres Designs Etsy shop

Vegan Ramen? Yes Please! 

I have been on a ramen kick lately…and I mean big time! I seriously could eat it every week! There is just something so comforting about it and of course…love the noodles. It’s been a challenge for me to find the right place that has a decent tasting vegetarian ramen with lots of veggies and goodies. Although, I am not vegan nor vegetarian, but I am pretty particular with meat. I love chicken, fish, pork and beef but when it comes to ramen…I prefer the veggie or vegan option, I know call me weird 🙂Greg and I discovered Tajima, a local japanese restaurant here in San Diego. They have a few locations, but we prefer to go to the convoy location. The wait is never unbearable and the food is consistent. We always start off with the fresh made gyoza. One of the best I have EVER had and I love gyoza. I’ll get a pic next time we go, you won’t have to wait that long 😉
The vegan ramen is packed full of veggies like asparagus, shitake mushrooms, corn, bean sprouts, green onion, cabbage and mixed green salad. I order it with the spicy broth to kick it up a notch! Greg usually gets the standard pork ramen with lots of extras. I’ll snap a pic of that as well!

The service is great and like I said, the food is consistent. They serve a wide variety of craft brews, sake and wine. The atmosphere is casual and very relaxed, they tend to play the “club hits” now and then and that will get you questioning where you are…”wait yes we are at a ramen house not da club” haha but no worries here, it’s a trendy place and we would recommend it to anyone visiting San Diego looking for some good authentic japanese cuisine and ramen. You won’t be disappointed.

Grab your chopsticks and check it out today! Tajima San Diego Website

Sierra Wrap Bracelet

The sierra wrap is a gorgeous & trendy, affordable bead wrapped bracelet by Tres Designs Jewelry. Tres Designs Jewelry is a San Diego based small business consisting of myself and my mother. We work collaboratively together as designers, creators, marketers and entrepreneurs on this creative venture we started up less than 2 years ago.   The sierra wrap bracelet can be found here at our Tres Designs Etsy Shop . It’s handmade in a variety of colors including turquoise, purple, brown, green, pearl, etc. Don’t see a color you like? Psst, that’s the beauty of our business…we do a ton of custom orders. Just tell us what you are looking for. Happy shopping!